Chair - Elisa Livanos

Members - Brittney BascettaCindy BreitmanCarolyn Certilman, Gennaro DiCarloAmanda Hahn-Ketter, Jami Halpern, Dora KanellopoulosDavid Layman, Rebecca Martin

Student Members - Rachel Schecter, William Tsang

The CASM Committee aims to develop innovative ways to engage NYSAN members, attract new members, and distribute pertinent news to New York State neuropsychologists and consumers. A primary objective is the continual monitoring and refining of the NYSAN website. We offer a professional profile page for each member that is available to both the public and other providers on the NYSAN website. The website also offers important documentation for New York neuropsychologists, news and information, and a calendar of events. CASM regularly monitors the NYSAN Facebook page, which provides a newsfeed of recent articles and fun facts.  As of 2015, we developed a lecture series to promote professional development & identity for both students and seasoned practitioners of neuropsychology, and we offer many CE credit opportunities.

The CASM committee initiates outreach to the public and other professionals to inform them about the field of neuropsychology. We provide lectures, informational articles, publicity, and society and internet connections to make patients, families, clinicians, and physicians aware of our specialization. In addition to raising awareness about the field, our goal is to increase knowledge about the neuropsychologists' role in evaluating, collaborating, and treating specific disorders and injuries.

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