The legislative committee keeps abreast of issues that are developing in the Capitol in Albany that are important to the practice of neuropsychology and provides this information to the Board of Directors. The Legislative committee helps to set the legislative agenda for NYSAN by determining which bills and legislative initiatives need to be developed and/or supported to enhance the practice of psychology/neuropsychology in NYS. The committee works to develop and working relationships and coalitions with local, state, regional and national organizations, assists the Board of Directors to formulate legislative policy, coordinates grassroots efforts to promote legislative agenda, and  implements the Board of Directors approved legislative agenda. 


The PAIC functions to advocate for neuropsychologists, to keep members abreast of practice related changes, and to address insurance and reimbursement related problems as they may arise by directly communicating with the insurers, national neuropsychological/psychological organizations, and the attorney general and advocating for positive practice changes. In addition, the PAIC has worked to develop a peer review committee to facilitate insurance appeals when claims are denied for no-fault and worker’s compensation cases, and continues to provide NYSAN members with important resources to help their practices grow.


The Workers’ Compensation Committee serves to address the practices and policies of the NYS Worker’s Compensation Board that impact the provision of neuropsychological services to injured NYS workers. The committee also is a resource to NYSAN members for education on the procedures associated with providing services through the Worker’s Compensation System and for guidance in resolving problems or issues that may arise. Additionally, issues related to provision of neuropsychological services through No Fault Insurance are addressed by the Workers’ Compensation Committee. 


The Pediatric Interest Professionals Affair Committee (PIPAC) goals are to be a resource for, as well advocate for pediatric neuropsychologists within the larger field of neuropsychology by identifying issues relevant to pediatric neuropsychologists, as well as to the children and families with which they work. We aim to keep members apprised of various legal and financial issues which may affect their practice. We have recently worked on legal issues that affect those with developmental disabilities, including providing feedback on guidelines used to determine eligibility for testing accommodations.  An important part of our mission is to ensure that patients and their families are provided with accurate information that best reflects the knowledge in the field of pediatric neuropsychology. This includes developing informational material on evidence-based treatments for various pediatric disorders. We aim to educate our members as well as the community at large through participation in and provision of grassroots educational activities.


The Communication and Social Media Committee (CASM) aims to develop innovative ways to engage NYSAN members, attract new members, and distribute pertinent news and New York State neuropsychologists and consumers. A primary objective is the continual monitoring and refining of the NYSAN website. We plan to implement professional profile pages for each member to be made available to both the public and other providers on the NYSAN website. The website will also offer important documentation for New York neuropsychologists, news and information, and a calendar or events. CASM regularly monitors the NYSAN Facebook page as well, which provides a newsfeed of recent articles and fun facts.  As of 2015, we are developing lecture series to promote professional development & identity for both students and seasoned practitioners of neuropsychology.


The Community Outreach Committee was formed to initiate outreach to the public and other professionals to inform them about the field of neuropsychology. The intent is to provide lectures, informational articles, publicity, and society and internet connections to make patients, families, clinicians, and physicians aware of the specialization. In addition to raising awareness about the field in general, a goal is to increase knowledge about the neuropsychologist’s role in evaluating, collaborating, and treating specific disorders and injuries.


The mission of the HCR Committee is to monitor developments in state and national approaches to healthcare reform in light of imminent and dramatic changes that we face in the manner of healthcare delivery and reimbursement. The HCR committee aims to bring these developments to the attention of the NYSAN membership, and to act on the information obtained as appropriate and in the best interests of neuropsychology.  Objectives include making efforts to meet with state leadership groups in charge of HCR development and implementation; establishing systematic methods by which the committee can track the multitude of HCR information resources; and communication and consultation with national organizations in developing strategic plans to assure that neuropsychology is integrated into health care models and covered by insurance plans and exchanges.

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