Chair - Daniela Montalto 

Co-Chair - Hilary Gomes

Members - Elizabeth Axel, Ava DorfmanRebecca FontanettaLarry HessSepideh HomayoonfarSteve Honor, Nicole Katz, Linda LaMarcaShoshana May, Laura Philips, Lindsay PlunkettSarah PowellShahal RosenblattJennifer Rosenberg, Paula Labarge Zuffante

Student Members - Amira Hanna, Sarah Mandelbaum, Veronica Milito, Patricia Pehme (Postdoctoral Fellow) 

MISSION: The mission of the NYSAN Pediatric Interest Professional Affairs Committee (PIPAC) is to provide a forum for specific advocacy regarding the practice of clinical neuropsychology with young patients (i.e., from infancy through the age of 26 years).

GOALS:  PIPAC was formed to serve as a resource for pediatric clinical neuropsychologists and to advocate for the young patients whom they serve by: (1) identifying relevant issues, (2) keeping members apprised of legal and financial matters which may affect their practice, (3) ensuring that patients and their families are provided with accurate information that reflects current knowledge and best practices (e.g., developing and distributing information on evidence-based treatments for disorders), and (4) educating NYSAN members as well as the community at large through grassroots educational activities. Public resources can be found here!

RATIONALE: The practice of clinical neuropsychology with young patients presents unique challenges that require focused attention beyond those encountered with older populations (e.g., health insurance company reimbursement versus academic financial responsibility, scope of practice challenges by master's level practitioners, and the integration of neuropsychological findings with special education and other school-based programming).  A committee dedicated to these unique challenges allows for the pooling of efforts by colleagues with a common interest in pediatric neuropsychological practice.

MEMBERSHIP: NYSAN members who are interested in joining the committee must submit: (1) a letter to the PIPAC chairperson(s) expressing their interest in supporting advocacy, education, and the practice of pediatric neuropsychology in New York State; and (2) a list of the formal training and experiences in pediatric neuropsychology (e.g., as presented in their curriculum vitae).

COMMITTEE STRUCTURE: Committee positions are held for two-year terms with the option of renewal for additional two-year terms in the same or in a different committee position.  The committee is comprised of the following positions: chair(s), past chair(s), secretary, committee membership, public relations/social media, events, professional affairs, education, and legislation/policy. Each position can be held by multiple members.

ORGANIZATION/MEETINGS: The committee will meet virtually each month and frequently communicate via email to address ongoing issues/concerns as well as to follow through on projects.  Formal written products of the PIPAC (e.g., educational papers, position statements, action plans, etc.)  will be submitted by the committee chair(s) to the NYSAN board of directors for approval and possible editing prior to dissemination or posting on the NYSAN webpage. The chairperson will participate in quarterly meetings of the NYSAN chairs and provide semi-annual summaries of PIPAC activities to the NYSAN president for distribution to the general membership.

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