Co-Chairs - Hilary Gomes, Daniela Montalto

Members - Rebecca Fontanetta, Steve Honor, Linda Lamarca, John McGinleyEugene Newman, Shahal RosenblattJennifer RosenbergSarah Powell

The PIPAC goals are to be a resource, as well advocate, for pediatric neuropsychologists within the larger field of neuropsychology by identifying issues relevant to pediatric neuropsychologists, as well as to the children and families with which they work. We aim to keep members apprised of various legal and financial issues which may affect their practice. We have recently worked on legal issues that affect those with developmental disabilities, including providing feedback on guidelines used to determine eligibility for testing accommodations.  An important part of our mission is to ensure that patients and their families are provided with accurate information that best reflects the knowledge in the field of pediatric neuropsychology. This includes developing informational material on evidence-based treatments for various pediatric disorders. We aim to educate our members as well as the community at large through participation in and provision of grassroots educational activities. Public resources can be found here!

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