Brown Bag Lunch Webinar with Dr. David Layman

  • March 14, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Interactive Webinar

The CASM committee invites you to join our upcoming Brown Bag Webinar  on Wednesday, March 14th at 12pm. Dave Layman, Ph.D. will be informally presenting on hemianopsia and hemispatial neglect. While geared towards students, everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in this webinar!

Please RSVP to the event at:

In case you cannot attend Wednesday, the webinar will be recorded and made available to members through NYSAN's website.

Webinar Topic:

Disentangling Hemianopsia and Hemispatial Neglect: Seeing is Believing

The right side of the brain sees the left side of the world. How do various brain injuries (e.g., from trauma or stroke) affect one's vision and orientation to the world? We can begin to understand it all by first disentangling hemianopsia from so-called hemineglect- how are they the same and different. And from a neuropsych perspective, what can be done to distinguish these phenomena and how might they be treated?  Dr. Layman will provide a practical overview of it all and review the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between the two. He will provide case examples that illustrates the presentations, interventions, and outcomes.

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