The NYSAN was founded by a group of New York neuropsychologists with the broad intent of acting as a trade organization for neuropsychology in New York. A critical matter that led to the formation of NYSAN was a potential restriction of trade involving interpretation of a 2003 Scope of Practice law for psychologists in New York. In May 2006, the NYSAN was incorporated as a not-for-profit professional, type 501(C) 6 corporation. Founding members included William Barr, PhD, ABPP-CN, Ralph Benedict, PhD, ABPP-CN, Joanne Festa, PhD, Jennifer Manly, PhD, Robert McCaffrey, PhD, ABN, Michael Santa Maria, PhD, ABPP-CN, and Tony Wong, PhD, ABPP-CN. The following individuals have served as President of NYSAN:

Michael Santa Maria, PhD, ABPP-CN      (2006)

Maria Lifrak, PhD, ABPP-CN (2007)

Dominic A. Carone, PhD, ABPP-CN        (2008-2011)

Joanne Festa, PhD (2012)

Ed Barnoski, PhD, ABPP-CN (2013)

Chris Morrison, PhD, ABPP-CN (2014-2015)

David Layman, PhD, ABPP-CN (2016)

Marsha Vasserman, PsyD, ABPP-CN (2017)

Allan Yozawitz, PhD, ABPP-CN              (2018)

Marykay Pavol, PhD, ABPP-CN              (2019)

Christina Palmese, PhD, ABPP-CN         (2020)

Cindy Breitman, PhD, ABPP-CN            (2021-2022)


NYSAN was established in 2006 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of clinical neuropsychologists and promoting best practices and education in clinical neuropsychology. To fulfill its mission, NYSAN has several objectives:

1. Advocacy: Educate and advocate on behalf of clinical neuropsychologists, clinical neuropsychology, and consumers of  neuropsychological services.

2. Increasing Awareness and Outreach: Provide information to legislators, regulators, non-neuropsychological healthcare providers, and other interested parties (e.g., insurance companies) to enhance awareness of neuropsychological assessment, intervention, consultation services, and best practices.

3. Professional Support and Communication: Supporting the membership by providing a mechanism to consult and communicate with NYSAN leadership and other NYSAN members regarding professional affairs, referrals, etc.

4. Education and Training: Disseminating neuropsychological knowledge through meetings, lectures,  professional contacts, publications, listserv emails, and other forms of media.

5. Student Support: Promote the field of neuropsychology as a career choice among students by supporting student participation in NYSAN activities and promoting available educational and training opportunities.

6. Position Statements: To facilitate the above objectives, NYSAN publishes organizational position    statements on its website on various professional affairs.

7. Public and Consumer Support:  Provide information about neuropsychological services and contact information to obtain services from neuropsychologist members.

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