Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism and related conditions are called Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). These are developmental difficulties in social communication (such as difficulties maintaining relationships and interpreting nonverbal social cues) and restricted/repetitive behaviors (such as stereotypies or self-stimulation).  

General Information and Resources for Patients and Families

Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)

Autism Services, Inc.

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

First Signs Autism Navigator

Pathfinders for Autism

Local Resources

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Center

Canisius Institute for Autism Research

Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC)

The Summit Center

Information about Treatment

The Interactive Autism Network

National Standards Project

The National Professional Development Center for ASD

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) Autism Internet Modules

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